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SFT Expands Production Capabilities

Technic's Surface Finishing Technologies Equipment Division recently completed an expansion and reorganization of its equipment manufacturing facility in Clearwater, Florida. Last year, SFT acquired the assets of a local machine shop which included high tech CNC lathe, milling machines, robotic feeders, and automatic cut-off equipment. The purchase will significantly enhance in-house tooling capabilities in a number of areas. With the addition of this operation, SFT has doubled the size and capacity of its welding shop. With these improvements, along with the addition of several key manufacturing and engineering personnel, virtually 100% of steel and plastics fabrication are now being completed in-house. “Less reliance on outside suppliers, will enable an estimated 4 week reduction in average lead time for large systems such as the MP200 flexible circuit plating lines.” Dale Jackson, Vice President, Technic Surface Finishing Technologies.

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Technic EPD on display at SNEC PV Power Expo 2014

Technic’s Engineered Powders Division will be showcasing its line of engineered powders and flakes for solar applications at this year’s SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai China, May 20-22. Hosted by the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), SNEC attracts high-level representatives from industry associations in Europe, Asia and North America. Attendees range from top global PV company executives to industrial experts and scholars. The 3 day event focuses on the current market and ongoing sustainable development of the solar industry.

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Google Translation added to Technic APAC website, North America and Europe to follow

In an effort to make our information more available to our ever increasing global customer base, last month we implemented Google Translate on our Asia Pacific site. The application will also be added to our North American and European sites in the coming weeks. Currently supporting 13 languages, the translation option will assist in translating page content and inquiry forms allowing us to better serve our globally diverse customer base.

Technic APAC Website with Google Translate